Breaking News: Service Suspended until the Spring!

Pacific Ferries is closed for the winter.
Pacific Ferries is closed for the winter.

Pacific Ferries has suspended its service until the spring.

We expect to resume service in March of 2017.

Check out the announcement for more information.

Proudly serving the Sunshine Coast

Pacific Ferries works hard
Pacific Ferries works hard


Pacific Ferries is a fast and friendly foot passenger ferry service.

We do a Monday to Friday ferry service between Gibsons Landing, Horseshoe Bay, and also downtown Vancouver. In addition, we do extra runs on special occasions.

In fact, we are the only ferry service which runs between Gibsons Landing and downtown Vancouver.

Rather than waiting for delayed and overloaded ferries: Why not comeĀ for a sail with us instead?

See ourĀ Schedule page for more information.

Pacific Ferries works hard to give you a speedy trip at a great price

Our service is great, and yet our prices are affordable, see for yourself.

Leave Gibsons Landing and be in downtown Vancouver in almost an hour and twenty minutes for as low as $15.

A fast and easy ride, with less red tape. Just hop on, and hop off, because that’s what we’re all about.

See our Pricing page for more information.

Travel from one of the most beautiful towns in the world to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and do it for less than expected.

Come and explore the majestic BC coastline with us on one of our runs.

See our Locations page for more information.